Karin Asterope Classic [Addon | Tuning]




Were you born in the late 80s?
Do you listen to Whitney Houston on the fly regularly?
Is Vaporwave your favorite genre?

Then friend, this car defines what it is to be back in the simpler times. Although this car mainly shared it’s body platforms with the Albany Primo – its alternate universe cousin that was only sold in the U.S soil, the Asterope, as being this particularly 1988 model, was only produced in Canada and Japan. Production ended in 1994 as the design assets were given to Emperor as the RS 350 – another luxury Emperor sedan from the mid 90s.

– Bayshore Imports Canada


1. Custom Modkit Parts. (60+).
2. LOD’s
3. Breakable Windows.
4. Dirt Mapping
5. Custom rear + Front tail-lights/indicators 


13Stewartc: Model development, texture development, programming.
AbsolutelyHalal: The idea for the Asterope Classic, Minor extra texture and materials, post production & publishing.

Rockstar Games – Original model
Dani02 – Asterope Classic wheels.


Version 1.0 – Initial Release.

Spawn Name – “asteropec”


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