Annis Kawaii [Addon | Tuning | 1.5]




Annis Kawaii (based on an MX5) complete with badges and modification parts.


20+ Custom Modification Parts.
Breakable windows.
Custom wheels.


Forza – Original model
Everyone from my Discord for giving feedback/part ideas !
BDuck – Annis Kawaii Badges.
Blasty – Version 1.1


Please report any bugs you find to 13Stewartc on the mods page.

Version 1.0 – Initial Release.

Version 1.1 – (Provided by Blasty) – 7 New tuning parts added. New rising sun texture.
———– – Car name now shows correctly in game.

Version 1.2 – Fixed front windscreen glass tinting.

Version 1.3 – Added 2 new exhaust tips.

Version 1.4 – Added 2 new bumpers/1 new roll cage (All in Chrome,
———– – Primary and Secondary versions) Roofrack Modification was moved to Bennys Modifications.

Version 1.5 – Added bumper bars that are shown when you have either of the “Remove Bumper” options activated.
———– – Fixed 3 of the exhausts centre texture is now not chrome. (Bug reports provided by Figureight)


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